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Leaf Stem

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I prepare for when my Mystery Cutting Bundle arrives?
    YAY! You’re expecting plant mail! What now? Your cuttings will arrive wrapped in damp moss. Some cuttings might already have roots, and some will be unrooted, just nodes, that you'll be propagating. You'll need to decide how you want to propagate these cuttings when they arrive, in moss, or water. (Or Leca or Perlite, the list goes on!) MOSS: All my cutting bundles come with moss and a container to make a propagation box. You can also use to-go containers! WATER: You can use almost anything for water propagation! Soda/tea jars, jelly jars, wine glasses, etc! Once you've decided how you'll be propagating, find a place in your jungle for your new cuttings (make sure there is plenty of light!) and patiently await the arrival of your new plant babies!
  • Does Mermaid Mel's Jungle ship to Canada?
    Not currently! This is one of our 2022 goals! Check back in summer. :)
  • What do I do when my plants arrive?
    Cuttings: Unwrap your cuttings and place them (node down) in damp moss or submerge the stem (with the node covered) in a jar/vase of water. Place in a bright sunny spot or under a grow light. Plants: If you plant is potted, give it big drink of water and place in a bright sunny spot. If you plant arrives bare root or semi bare root, plant your plant in soil, give it a drink & some sun!
  • When will my order ship?
    You can check the shipping chart at the top of the shop page, or shoot me a message!
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