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Planting For Peace & Positivity

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Welcome to The Jungle! I'm Melissa & I'm creating this jungle/brand to spread Mental Health Awareness & Share Plants.

I've had Anxiety for as long as I can remember and I've never really felt like I had it even remotely under control until I started collecting house plants. I'm excited to share my ever growing/evolving story about how plants have given me more hope in life.

It all began when I started a small succulent garden in my front yard in Spring of 2020 as a way to distract myself from all the stresses and anxieties that life was throwing at me. On a normal *soil trip* (we all know how those trips end) I stumbled across a Marble Queen Pothos and she quickly leaped into my cart. I'm pretty sure within a few weeks I had every Pothos & snake plant I could find in town. Caring for these plant babes brought me so much joy, my mind was too full of "what plant to propagate next" and "did I water you last week?" to worry about whatever negative things that were circling my head.

I decided to start an Instagram account for my growing jungle to connect with other plant parents and share how plants have helped me see more light in life.

As my jungle grew, I began getting requests for cuttings/plants, so naturally, I decided to start an Etsy Shop. I stocked a few cuttings and included a Mental Health Positive message with each order.

With quite a bit of pushing from my BFF, Ashley, I created a TikTok for the jungle. (I'm camera shy/obviously have anxiety so this was a BIG step.) I started posting "How to Propagate" videos, I did a few plant giveaways, posted Mental Health Awareness content, etc.

Just like a healthy house plant, the jungle grew.

I'm excited to say Mermaid Mel's Jungle has a plant in every state of the country except for 1.


(Hook it up New Hampshire, where you at?)

I'm excited to launch my website because Mermaid Mels Jungle is more than just a plant shop. When you open your plant mail from us, we hope you feel joy, happiness, and encouragement to keep going because you're worth it.

When you visit our website, we hope you experience those same feelings. This is a safe space where everyone is welcome to be themselves and speak freely of their feelings & emotions.

I'm always available via Instagram DM or email if you need someone to talk to, if you have plant related questions, if you just want to show each other plant pictures, or if you just want a new friend. I'm here. You're doing amazing.

Let's root for each other & help each other grow!

-Mermaid Mel

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What a beautiful site! Such lovely plant pictures, and your heartfelt message to combat anxiety through plants is truly inspiring. I loved just browsing around and will be back to visit often. Grow baby, grow!! (you and your plants!)❤️

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