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Hey Bestie!
Surprise yourself with some new PET SAFE plant babies! 
Each mystery cutting box will include 1 rooted cutting (ready to be planted) +  2 cuttings from 5 of the below plants - *6 cutting types total - 12 cuttings total 


Green Prayer Plant, Red Prayer Plant 

*Hoya -
Hoya Canosa, Hoya Krimson Princess/Queen, Hoya Splash, Hoya Pubicalyx

*Peperomia -
Rosso, Double Duty, Hope, Jitterbug, Watermelon, Funky Frog,Leap Frog,Red Ripple

*Pilea Pantano, Mystifall, Paulus

*String of Turtles/String of Hearts/String of Spades

*Air Plant 


*African Violet


*Spider Plant

*Fishbone Cactus

Mystery Box also includes a 2" pot, a 16oz cup of Mermaid Mel's House Plant Soil Mix, rooting for you powder, and a link to access care cards/instructions for each plant.

Just as a heads up, any damages/delays to the plants/cuttings during the shipping process is out of my control. I take quality time packaging each and every order to help reduce the chances of a sad plant/cutting arriving. Please reach out to me with photos within 24 hours of delivery if you have any issues and we will proceed from there. I do not guarantee refunds or except exchanges, but I can work with you on a case by case basis. Thank you!

Happy Planting!

Plant Cutting/Rooted Cutting Mystery Bundle

PriceFrom $20.00
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