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Mystery Plant/Cutting/Planty Things Box

(Please add in the order notes if this is a birthday gift!)

**Moss poles and hanging prop stations will be designed with colorful fun/jasper/crystal beads**


What’s included? 

- 2 Mystery cuttings 

- 1 Mystery rooted plant (shipped bare root) 

- 1  Planty Thing (Designed by Mel moss poles, Hanging propagation stations, Terrarium Kit, Soil Kit, Goodbye Bad Day Bug Spray) 

- 1 Propagation Box ( Worry less or Smile more)



- Rooting for you powder 

- One 3" plastic pot

- Care Cards for each plant type

- Instructions on propagation 


Plants & Cuttings will ship with roots/nodes wrapped in moss


Just as a heads up, any damages/delays to the plants/cuttings during the shipping process is out of my control. I take quality time packaging each and every order to help reduce the chances of a sad plant/cutting arriving. Please reach out to me with photos within 24 hours of delivery if you have any issues and we will proceed from there. I do not guarantee refunds or except exchanges, but I can work with you on a case by case basis. Thank you!


Happy Planting!


Mystery Plant/Cutting/Planty Things Box

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