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Hey Bestie!
Surprise yourself with some new REPTILE SAFE plant babies! *Perfect for your pet's inclosure, terrarium, vivarium, or terrarium*
Each mystery cutting box will include:



2 - 3 cuttings (some rooted, some fresh cut) from 5 of the below plants (You get several cuttings of each plant type)


*Maranta, *Spider Plant, *Calathea, *Fern, *African Violet, *Tradescantia, *Peperomia, *Fittonia, *Goldfish Plant, *Pilea, *String of Hearts, *String of Turtles, and many more possibilities! 

Mystery Box also includes two 4" trays of LECA and a link to access care cards/instructions for each plant. ( You can place the propagation trays of leca in the reptile enclosure or anywhere in your home to root the plants, then plant the cuttings in soil or continue growing them in Leca or water. )

Just as a heads up, any damages/delays to the plants/cuttings during the shipping process is out of my control. I take quality time packaging each and every order to help reduce the chances of a sad plant/cutting arriving. Please reach out to me with photos within 24 hours of delivery if you have any issues and we will proceed from there. I do not guarantee refunds or except exchanges, but I can work with you on a case by case basis. Thank you!

Happy Planting!

REPTILE FRIENDLY* House Plant Mystery Cutting Bundle w/ Leca

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